What are Champions?

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Nov 1, 2012
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The Champions program is something new we've started up on Windows Central in 2017. Basically, Champions are volunteers that actually own the device you might be seeking out help and advice for. They take over ownership of that forum and spend their time helping members with their questions and concerns. They also post helpful tips, guides and info for our community on a regular basis.

You can think of a Champion as an Ambassador with a razor sharp focus on providing help and great discussion in ONE forum!

Our Champion Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Be friendly, warm and inviting at all times (be a pro!)
  • Maintain a high level of activity on the device forum you are Champion for!
  • Ensure no new thread/question goes unanswered
  • Proactively write helpful tips, guides and other threads to help other users of the device
Champions are experts with the device they are a champion for, so if you have questions or concerns about a phone, tablet, laptop, service (or something else), find that local champion and you've found a great person to talk to :) If becoming a Champion is something you might be interested in, see our application thread to apply!

Who's on the Windows Central Champion Team?

  • emmeborn - HP Elite x3 & Lumia 950XL Champion
  • Mark Kaplan - Surface Pro 4, Lenovo X1 Carbon Champion
  • meattray - Surface Pro 4 Champion
  • leonelfunes32 - Windows 10 & Xbox Champion
  • rumorednow - Alcatel Idol 4S Champion
  • Paul May - Lumia 950 & Surface Pro Champion
  • juanitoriv - Windows 10 Champion
  • Josiah23 - PC Gaming Champion
  • faisalbaba - Lumia 535 & 730 Champion
  • jevalladares - Windows 10 Champion
Yes, we only have ONE person on this team at the moment! If you're interested in becoming a champion, see our volunteer application thread now!
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Jan 1, 2015
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I can imagine Lumia champions being the most prevalent here, since they are the most popular Windows phones, but now that they "died" and returned as Android, it should be interesting to see which manufacturer will become the next biggest Windows phone vendor.


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Mar 25, 2015
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@RumoredNow Your post takes up half of my screen with all of your titles already....ha ha j/k :grin: Nice to see someone so dedicated and deserving. You completely exemplify what the Champion title is all about.

I may need to start using WC on my desktop to see all of RumoredNow's titles🥇... then again I'm kinda scared for my poor monitors life being overflown with them!

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