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What happened to the quality of Nokia Handphones?

Nitika Goel

New member
Jul 4, 2015
What happened to the quality of Nokia Handphones

I am using Nokia Lumia 720 for two years now. Ever since I had purchased the set, there has always been some or other problem with the handset but still being minor problems, I had always managed its repair on my own. However this time I am compelled to write this email with serious doubts on the quality check of the always reliable brand NOKIA.

Towards the end of last year, I had got my Nokia Lumia 720 screen changed due to the screen damage because of my own fault. To ensure the genuiness of the product, I got the screen changed with the original one for INR 7,500/- from the Nokia Priority Centre in Noida

To my utter surprise, again in a short span of time, there again has arisen a need to replace the screen since the three touch button on clipboard has stopped functioning. I again visited your Nokia priority centre and they have the same reply that the entire screen will be changed again and the warranty of the last screen was only for a month.

What I fail to understand is that ?Has Nokia dropped its quality to such an extent that a Nokia handset cannot last for long whereas there was a time when Nokia was known for its durability among any other brand.? Also, from the above incident I am forced to believe that it could have been better to buy the not so genuine screen at a cheaper cost since the original also did not last for long.

I hope you will understand that for a middle class person it is not easy to change handsets in small durations and a buying decision is done keeping ?durability? as the most important feature and so I had chosen NOKIA as my choice among the other competitive brands. However it is so unfortunate to mention that I have all the reasons to regret my choice.

Your customer care is also of no help.

What should i do now?


Retired Ambassador
Sep 26, 2014
Re: What happened to the quality of Nokia Handphones

I am sorry that you have quality problems with your phone but we (Windows Central) are not Microsoft, Nokia, Nokia Care, Customer care or whatever we are "just" an Fan based website for people who use Windows devices.
So the only thing we can do is thank you for posting.


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Jan 12, 2013
Re: What happened to the quality of Nokia Handphones

Hello, Nikita, welcome to Windows Central.

Second on Harrie's comment (that we're not Microsoft nor Nokia). But I share your sentiments on Nokia's customer "care", since I myself have experienced something a bit unpleasant just a few months ago from their local branch where I live. Yet I still must give them some credit for noticeably exerting an effort to cover for the mistakes they've done - unacceptable mistakes, actually. But I won't rant about that here now.

Going back 15 years into the past, mobile phones really were not that complicated. All they needed was a screen (a really thick one), a keypad (something that is tested a designed for pressure), a rigid body (tested for impacts, e.g. note the resistance of the Nokia 3310 vs a sledge hammer as demonstrated elsewhere in the internet), a brain-frying GSM antenna and a battery that lasts 3x longer than what we have now. So the question is, "where has the quality gone?", right?

Well... there's a huge difference between a bacteria and, say, a bird. It's more difficult to kill a bacteria, especially one that has adapted to its surroundings such as those that live in the ocean floor near volcanic vents under high pressure and temperature, whereas a bird, although more mobile and elegant, as well as more intelligent and complex, is a lot easier to liquidate.

If the comparison above is sensitive, let's move over to a bicycle and an airplane - which is easier to break? So much is spent in aircraft maintenance (as opposed to bicycle maintenance) not only because the parts are expensive but also because the myriad of interacting parts in an aircraft logarithmically increase the chance of failure.

The point here being: our phones are now more complicated than they were 15 years ago. And more complicated objects are easier to break than less complicated ones. Drop a $1 quartz watch and it will still keep time as if nothing happened, but drop a $100 automatic watch and you'll have problems with the balance staff, balance wheel alignment, rotor integrity, hairspring "true-ness" and will cost some money just to make it keep time properly again.

But let's be fair. Get an old phone and run a piece of metal against the screen and compare that with a modern smart phone - who's screen gets scratched easily? The older one that's made of plastic. The batteries in old phones may not even last two hours when connected to our smart phones. Temple Run won't even run in those older phones.

If you can find a brand that is definitely more durable than Nokia/Microsoft, then you might find comfort in moving over to that brand. But chances are that all smart phones nowadays are built with relatively the same levels of integrity, software- and hardware-wise.

Another thing you can do is to directly send Microsoft an email regarding your concern about the Nokia Care Center. Tweeting to @LumiaHelp may also be helpful.

P.S. If you bought the non-genuine part, chances are that your phone won't even run.