What happened to Yahoo mail app and the promised windows 10 upgrade??

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I purchased my windows phones (Lumia 640 XL) from the ATT store in December. Actually I bought 3. At that time I was assured that all my normal apps would be available that the transition to windows phones would be seamless. Now our phones are glitchy, we are finding there are few apps we can use and none of the normal ones we normally used AND Yahoo mail, which I've used for 15 years is no longer available as an app on the windows app store. So now I can't even access my email from my phone easily? Really?? I was also told when I bought the phone that the new windows 10 mobile upgrade would be available to us soon. That was almost a year ago. I'm really becoming unhappy with my windows phones, the support and apps we were promised. The lack of the promised windows 10 update was misleading. I'm seriously tired of numb and corporate responses to my issues. I feel we were sold on phones that do not meet our needs and that we were taken advantage of because we were specifically told things, and made promises that Microsoft is not delivering. Seriously thinking of dumping all of our Microsoft products.

Subrata Jana

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Apr 11, 2015
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As like android/ios for mail u need not require to find mail apps in app store. Because it is already available as system apps. That means if u using w8 phone, then setting-"email & accounts" and "add account". If w10 , find in windows store Outlook mail. After installing open the apps and add whatever mail in this account. For emailing , windows ph is much better. N don't blame windows, blame yourself cz you are not using the phone efficiently.

abhishek singh21

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Apr 27, 2014
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sorry for such an experience, to begin with your device is upgradable to windows 10 mobile and to initiate that you need to download upgrade advisor app from the windows phone 8.1 store. Open the app and follow the on screen commands, ATT has released the update long back and you should get the update hitting your devices instantaneously. I suggest you to make a back up before upgrade , charge your device at least to 80% and free at least 2gb of space before downloading and installing the update . Further once you are upgraded to windows 10, navigate to settings>system>about and check for the OS build that should show 14393.321 if not check for updates under phone updates and you should be greeted with another phone update. Once your phone is on the latest build , i recommend hard resetting your device and starting fresh without restoring he backup, to prevent any minor bug or glitch that could again effect your experience.

next , about the poor app experience you had as windows phone 8.1 has been abandoned by Microsoft you will face either non availability of certain apps and poor functionality from those which you already have upgrading to windows 10 should improve this particular experience and as the app gap still exist we believe this to be filled in the near future as the platform gets adopted by developers slowly. we do lack yahoo mail app from store but you could add it under accounts in windows 10 and get a reliable service.

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