What I want from the Surface Duo 2


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Sep 22, 2013
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My 2-cents,

Seems like everyone is very hung up on paper Specs, yes the SD-855 is not the most current iteration but the SD-865 has a 5G chipset requirement, 6gb of Ram is not the most but not the least either, much of the performance will depend on optimizations and the Video chipset is there as well. MS has a solid presence in the Android ecosystem and I think they can do well because their Android Versions of Mobile office and collaboration apps work very nicely across multiple platforms.

The chosen ecosystem is very "app mature" and will make it fairly easy to support the device since MS has closely partnered with Google and retained the ability to fix/update the device directly.

The Duo also has USB-C going for it, I have found that this seems to be more universal than I imagined (Bought a kind of Mini dock for my Note 10+ and it has worked with everything i have connected it to (PC or Android)

I feel the Duo has great potential but I also accept that's it's a Generation one device and may have some unexpected issues but has been built buy a proven team on a solid platform, in a direction that I feel is a natural evolution of Mobile technology.

Let's see how this all shakes out :)

Seems like I left out a bunch of what I wanted to say that actually ties into this thread.
I would like to see:
1. A bump in Processor, Additional Memory, Less Bezel/more screen.
2. The Addition of expandable storage (even if MS has minimum performance requirements so it will play well with the internal storage)
3. Addition of IP ingress resistance of some level would be great.
4. Inclusion of a Stylus (or offer a bundle that includes it)
5. More Camera capability would be nice but not at the cost of ruining the form factor (I suspect the current camera config may be livable with some getting used to)
6. Additional color options would be a nice to have.
7. More Battery capacity.
8. Some form of peek screen (Even if it's not touch enabled)
**I would imagine that MS will improve all of the Radio/Comm's capabilities in the next iteration of the Duo**

To Me I think my top 3 would be:
-IP Dust/Moisture Ingress Protection.
-Expandable Storage.
-Less Bezel (Screen remains flat, no curved edge)

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Mar 19, 2012
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I don't think Microsoft expects many early adopters for this. It's mostly going to be die-hard enthusiasts and developers. They can't expect to compete with flagship phones with these specs. They're surely not naïve enough to go into this expecting to sell millions and millions of handsets like iPhones or Galaxy devices.

Last year, I was watching a YouTube review for an Iphone 11 Pro Max. the reviewer could not recommend the device because it did not survivea fall from the top of an 12" ladder.

We know everything is based on timing. We know that apple generally has this nailed..usually. I think about that drop test a lot ..and transfer to my own usage regarding Specs. Most people ...gernerally, do not use wireless charging....yet. Most people, do not use 5g...yet. Most people do not use NFC...yet. In fact most people I hang around with do not thin about those things even a little bit. I live in Seattle. Most of crowd is hi tech, with many of my friends working for boeing, or Amazon, or Microsoft, apple or google. Not to mention the high number working in the hi tech start ups in the area. MOSTof them do not use NFC, or wireless charging, and until verizon gets its act together on 5g, they won't use 5g.

So I ask. why the big emphasis on the specs you mentioned?

Microsoft has clearly moved from the big bully wanting to own everything...to more of an enabler..making sure its stuff works with everything. (enabler might not be the right word...better partner is what Imean). So, delivering a device that works well....might not be discarded because the specs don't match apple or or phones. I think of what I do with a phone on a daily basis. For me...5g is not a priority since it costs more and is not widely avaialble. Wireless charing is great...if I could find reliable chargers not the size of the end table, and could handle multiple devices. NFC is something I'll give them pass on this time. Since my watch does contactless...be it samsung pay, google pay or fitbit pay...I have an easy to use alternative...for now.

So, specs...if they're in the ballpark, If the device works well, I really don't care about the specs. Because, like many of us here...when 2 comes out next year...I will buy it...period. I'll preorder now.

I've compared the DUO in best buy with my s10+ and my iphone 11 Pro max. its every bit as good....and its cool

So...specs are not so high in my book...usabiity is primary. And I try to remember, when reading and talking with you guys on this forum....you...me...do not represent the normal user. We represent the freaks...the people that push the edge. I wager that MS listened to your opionions...but usability tested this with Joe Guy off the street....the normal everyday user.

Of the things Icalled out that are avaialble on older phones..and by older I mean, s10+, IOS 11 pro max and pixel 4xl, I use NFC but not wireless charging. And I have surviced with no 5g. Thats a next year thing.


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