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What is a good blocking program in Windows 10 from downloading?


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Mar 30, 2016
what is blocking programs in windows 10 from downloading

Okay first thing is I needed to transfer all my photos from last computer to my new computer ,everything went well. but under all the photos they (Microsoft) claimed they all came from another computer so they did, mine. okay no problem. so I had had over 3,000 photos that needed to be unblocked. found a simple tool from Systools called Unblocker that took care of batching all my photos and getting rid of another one of Microsoft so called problems. Now the other day i had to use system restore and it Unblocker went with the reverting I did. Restarted my system and now practically any program that I try and download will not download. I wanted to put Unblocker back on my system in case I ever need it again. Well I can't now. So what is blocking it. I had windows 8.1 and was happy with it, just started to learn it, had no problems with it and then they forced to me download Windows 10, thanks Microsoft. So I also use McAfee for antivirus,which I don't believe is the problem because everything worked up until i used system restore. How do I allow my system to download other programs other than Microsoft programs? So here I am wasting time trying to figure out the third thing Microsoft has screwed up on my new system. Is it just me or is Microsoft worse than a hacker. Microsoft seems to be the only pain in the arm I have. trying to fix something else. Thanks for the step by step directions anyone can give me to fix this problem.
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Chintan Gohel

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May 23, 2014
Re: what is blocking programs in windows 10 from downloading

From your statement, you can't seem to download any programs. What browser are you using to download and do you have any other browser installed?

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