What is the best ROM for Nokia Lumia 1520 RM-937 for use within the US?

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Hello everyone, I lately bought a Lumia 1520 white color (RM-937). I am using it in the US; the phone came with a ROM from Yemen. I flashed the phone to a ROM from Finland and then the UK (both ROM are country variant). My phone get connected on both Cricket Wireless(Which uses AT&T network) and T-mobile to HSPA+ speed. I am not getting LTE; This is not a big deal for me since HSPA+ internet speed is fast enough to get what I need done. I would like to get recommendation as to which ROM (Country Variant) is better suited for use in the US. I already know the whole process of unbranding (Flashing Lumia phones). My phone currently has UK Country Variant ROM installed.

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