What is the status of Windows Phone 8.1 update to Samsung ATIV S (GT-I870)?


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Feb 19, 2014
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Status of Windows Phone 8.1 Update to Samsung ATIV S (GT-I870)

Awhile ago, before Microsoft acquired Nokia (and had any Smartphones I'd purchase), I took the risk and bought an unlocked Samsung ATIV S (GT-I870) running Windows Phone 8.0 (firmware: 2424.13.10.1).

To date I haven't received an updates to Windows Phone 8.1.

Can anyone share any updates on when exactly will Samsung release this update?

I've chatted with Microsoft and they basically say they sent the updates to Samsung from July 2014, so it's a Samsung issue...(You're on your own with Samsung)...

For all those with in a similar situation, I think the best thing to do is sell or giveaway the ATIV S and switch to a Lumia. Now that Microsoft (Msft) has officially closed the deal with Nokia, we can get direct updates from them, without relying on their OEMs. That model just doesn't work well for consumers!!

Just like an Apple proponent commented "If you make your own software, you should build your own hardware" - That is the model that works best for us consumers!!

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