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What is wrong with my laptop?

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I'm having DELL laptop and i have some problems and i don't know where to ask so i am searching for help. My laptop is running only on charger without battery for over a year without any problems and suddenly my pc turns off and i cant turn it on again. After the windows loading at startup i get black screen. And after i turn it off and turn it on again I get Automatic repair and it says that windows didn't started correctly. I tried reinstalling the windows many times but still the same problem. The last time i reinstalled the windows after 5 minutes on the desktop it freezes everything and i hear a lot noise inside and it heats up a lot. I saw in Task Manager at processes that DISK was 100% and it was red. I tried everything, cleaned up the dust inside, CHKDSK, changed the hard disk and still got the problem. Any help?


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Apr 4, 2016
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Oct 2, 2016
Hi Welcome to Windows Central. I agree with @PlexusCV . Creating a Linux bootable flash drive is a excellent suggestion. If Linux will run without problems, you will have eliminated all hard ware except your hard drive. I think I'm right about that. @PlexusCV can correct me if that's not true. Things that make noise are hard drives and fans.:wink: As was suggested in above reply. It's very possible that your PC is over heating and the noise is coming from your fan!
Very nice reply @ PlexusCV
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