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What is your Surface workstation like and can you use an external Windows Hello camera with Surface?


New member
Feb 10, 2016
My idea is to set up a workstation with two monitors, a Surface dock, and either an Intel RealSense SR300 or Razer Stargazer to use Windows Hello. Obviously, a Surface Pro 4 has a built in Windows Hello module (Intel RealSense, I believe). However, I am looking to have my Surface Pro 4 tucked away, such that it would be closed completely and the camera would not be accessible.

Is it possible to use either Windows Hello peripheral (Intel or Razer)? Will Windows 10 become confused and activate the in-built camera? I am thinking it might depend on what camera you train Windows Hello on, what camera is active/accessible or even activate both (that would be interesting)...

Let me know if you have tried this and/or tell me about your Surface Pro 4 workstation set-up, what works and what doesn't work.

In recent news - if Microsoft release the Surface connector to USB-C dongle I might invest in a USB-C dock instead of the Surface dock. If the dongle works well... Thoughts on other USB-C docks?

Side note: I know a solution is to use PIN, password, or fingerprint when docked instead of relying on face login. However, I would really prefer face login.


New member
Apr 2, 2013
Just a thought: It seems to me, that if I have my surface on the desk and open, it's running a lot cooler, compared to closed and lying.