What Microsoft could be doing...(as opposed to should be doing)


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Feb 2, 2011
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I'm strictly talking about leveraging their ecosystem.

For one...Making Zune the defacto media player on Windows. It wouldn't be that simple. I'm sure there are some politics that would conflict between the actual Windows/Windows Media player team and the Zune team. That and of course Zune doesn't play all of the codecs (really, does it seriously not play Microsoft AVI?).

There is also maybe a timing problem here, especially considering that the Zune "brand" may be out the door. So here's what I think should be a satisfactory solution.

When Windows 8 comes out, the Zune Hardware/Windows Phone Hardware, Windows Media Player, and Zune player client should be rolled into one software solution. Apple does it, obviously...and it works out great. Every person who buys a Windows platform computer is automatically exposed to both the media playing solution, media buying solution, and app buying solution. In fact it's likely that Microsoft will have a desktop app store solution in the mix too. I think they can accomplish all of this without bloating the software through web app portals built in. If everything is rebranded fresh on Windows 8, then there will be less confusion. Seems like the perfect time to bring everything together.

Also, Microsoft, out of Google, and Apple, is the only company that owns game development studios. Where's my official 343 Industries Halo game? Sure we have Crackdown, and a Halo Waypoint app.......but Microsoft personally employs some of the best talent in the industry...along with Xbox Live and 1st party IP's, there enormous potential for some cross platform development here.

What do we got, Fable Golf? Not e-nuff sir. I'm not even necessarily talking about games made by those people...I'm talking real time integration, live interaction through Xbox live. There's all sorts of neat augmented reality things they could be doing.

Microsoft has some more pressing issues right now...but lets look past that for a moment to a theoretical future where the OS starts to flesh out.

Any other ideas?
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Nov 9, 2010
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I can't remember if I heard this somewhere, or just thought it up myself, but I think they should go further with the letter X for marketing. Apple pushing iAnything, Microsoft has the XBox 360, XBox Live, they could have the Xune, they could have the XPhone.. I might be insane, but it seems like marketing genius to me and I can't believe it hasn't got more attention.. Maybe they're waiting for Windows 10.. I mean Windows X :)

Lets be honest with ourselves, if there's ONE thing that Microsoft is GREAT at, it's taking someone else's idea and improving on it.

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