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What the heck happened to onMSFT?


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Dec 2, 2011
The site seems to have been recently infiltrated by some very anti-MS people that are culling the site to remake it into something critical of MS instead of supportive.

I recently fell victim to it myself about a week ago.

I am a professional full stack developer with education in business and computer science that works primarily with Microsoft technologies. I use .NET (primarily C#) for LOB applications, leverage Azure and Office 365 for hybrid cloud solutions, and use HA windows Hyper-V clusters in on-premise configurations. I have been using and developing for Windows on mobile devices since Windows CE 4.2. My Disqus history contains approximately 13,000 comments and 37,000 up votes in a history spanning nearly seven years of activity. I have even helped Ryan track down a few bugs in the Windows 10 disqus app.

In other words. I believe I am exactly the demographic and type of person a site like onMSFT would like to have as a participant and visitor. They seem to disagree, as I have been banned from the site without notice, without questioning, and they will not make contact or open a dialog so we can determine what happened.

Now I have never been banned from anywhere on Disqus before, so this was quite a shock to me and I wanted to piece together what happened. As near as I can tell (since they won't communicate with me), some anti-MS trolls began commenting on the site and complaining about the regulars, some of them coming right out and saying "I hate MS" in their comments. The moderation team seem to be listening to these fabricated complaints and banning targeted regulars without question, contact, or investigation.

How did onMSFT allow themselves to be so mislead? I wish there were a way to contact them (that they would respond to) to find out.

In the mean time, if you are like me and work with Microsoft technologies and are generally happy with the company (aside from mobile, anyway) the message from onMSFT is: you aren't welcome here.

and that is sad.

/end rant
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Apr 17, 2013
I've worked with MS stuff since MS-DOS 1.0 and currently run Windows 10, Server 2016 and SQL 2016. Love them; focus on the business outcomes and ignore the simpleton types


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Nov 13, 2013
Did you try contacting OnMSFT via Facebook Message on their Facebook page? Or through Twitter? They may respond to that. I only look there for news. I never comment. I only have to look at some of the comments to see that there is a lot of anti-MS sentiment going on.

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