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What type of video editing software performs this function?

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I am looking for a type of video editing software I saw years ago but cannot remember the name. I am looking for the functionality I remember not the specific software name/brand per say.

In this previous editor I saw, I remember a mid-sized window at the top of the track view which would display the master video clip. On either side of this window, I think, were 4 smaller additional windows (2 on the left and 2 on the right). 4 separate videos could be loaded into these smaller windows, illustrating 4 different camera angles. If you were syncing the video to audio to make a music video for example (think soloist with multiple camera angles of the same instrument/musician), you could simply play the audio track and click on any of the 4 camera angles as the song played. When you selected one of the smaller videos, that image would appear in the larger master, until you selected another video/angle. Using this method you could easily "jump" to another shot just by clicking on a different video/angle, and the master was essentially rendered in real time.

This method seems far more efficient then having to cut each of the full angled video shots into smaller clips, then mix/align them on a track view to splice them together, while trying to synced with the audio.

Does anyone know a type of video editing software which can operate in this manner? What is this style of editing called?