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I currently have a Nokia Lumia 928 on Verizon. It's a really nice phone and there aren't many phones out there right now that are better. That being said, I'm due for an upgrade in a few phones around April-June. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't produced any new flagship Lumia devices recently or any flagship Windows phones for awhile. To make matters worse, Verizon has quite a limited selection of Windows Phones and I don't know what their plans are going forward with Windows 10 phones or if there'll even be a flagship Windows 10 device.

So assuming a worst case scenario where Microsoft doesn't produce any flagship Windows Phone device this year and continues sticking to low-mid range phones, which of the following Verizon Windows Phones would be a good replacement for my Luma 928? Or should I just stick to my 928 and wait another year or so and hope for a flagship phone?

1. Samsung ATIV SE
2. HTC One M8
3. Nokia Lumia Icon (In-Store Only)

Considering these phones are all like a year old at this point, I'm hoping Microsoft will make a new Windows Phone that can be considered a true upgrade from my 928. Otherwise, I might consider sticking with my 928 for another year or two. What do you guys think?


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Aug 25, 2013
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I am pretty sure there will be a high end WP right around the corner to accompany the W10 announcement. It will be a bad strategy on their part to unveil a major upgrade without a flagship to showcase it...
In the phones u listed though, if u can live with the limited storage and mediocre battery life of 930 then its the best choice considering the bundled apps and future support.


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Jun 2, 2013
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The M8 for Windows is the newest flagship windows phone device on Verizon. It is not even 6 months old. I have one and its a very solid device with a speedy processor, great speakers, and good looks. I got mine just before Christmas and it has been performing flawlessly.

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