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What's your Device Ecosystem?


Nov 16, 2012
With the future of consumer technology being so ecosystem oriented, I thought it'd be fun to hear about everyone's current & near future ecosystem.


Desktop: Dell XPS 8500 running 8.1(I'll likely build a new gaming desktop late next year)
Laptop: Lenovo Yoga - it's a work device provided by work, I love it.
Tablet: Surface RT 32gb
Phone: HTC Trophy running 7.8 (Soon to be Nokia Lumia 929 or whatever the successor to the 928 is)
Console: None right now (Soon to be Xbox One)

What about you? Feel free to add or take away categories as you see fit.


Retired Moderator
Nov 12, 2012
Desktop - Novatech tower with some blue glowing fans in it (Windows 7)
Laptop - Levono ultrabook (Windows 8, gathering dust)
Netbook - Asus (Windows 7 home edition, in a cupboard somewhere)
Tablet - Surface RT
Tablet - Nexus 7
Console - Xbox 360 (new black edition)
Phone - HTC 8X
ebook reader - Kindle Paperwite
MP3 player - Old iPod Nano
MP3 Player - iPod Classic 160Gb

Kindle Papwerwhite next gen
Surface 2
Xbox One


New member
Oct 2, 2012
PC running Windows 8
Tablet is Surface RT
Phone is Lumia 920
And I will likely get Xbox One in the future

I guess my ecosystem is clear :D

While I do have some laptops around, my Surface has replaced em all from active use.