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Where can we ask for an app to be reviewed or looked into?

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Windows Central Question

I just published a small game on the store and I would like to know where in windows phone central can I ask for it to be reviewed. Thanks


New member
Oct 30, 2012
Ask them on twitter or mail to Dan. He is EiC of Windows Central.
Also post your game on App Spotlight section.


New member
Nov 12, 2012
Use the "Contact Us" form: Contact | Windows Central

IMHO, and it is just guesswork, having a presence on the site can only help - not hurt - the cause.

Why not join Windows Central?

We have a dedicated Developer Area and Apps forum where you can discuss your App and other concerns directly with the community. There is even a How-To guide for getting your App Featured!!!

I'll be honest with you... This is the world's largest Windows community online. Yep - good for your exposure. But the staff is busy, busy, busy. There is never a guarantee they will feature your App(s), but by joining the community and participating you take control of your destiny. Just follow the rules and don't be a #$%&head SPAMMER about it and you can make your work known here.

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