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Where to send user feedback for Here Maps and Drive? (and a bit of a rant)


New member
Oct 29, 2012
Question: When Here Drive/maps REALLY screws up a route when navigating, is there a way we can feed that back to the developers to help fix it?

2nd Question: Anyone else noticing that HERE route planning is worse than it used to be? I'm in midwest US.

My wife and I have had WP8 for about 18 months now. I remember the HERE/Nokia/Bing etc route planning being very good. Right on par if not better than google. However, it's now much much worse. It doesn't seem to be a problem of having the right street data (like not understanding that a street is through and not a dead end). It does just fine when finding addresses. It's the figuring out how to get from where I am to the destination that is screwed up.

I'd estimate for this year so far that it's obviously wrong at least half the time now. It routinely will route me the LONG way around, like taking a bypass 15 miles around a city instead of taking me directly off correct exit in 3 miles. Sometimes if I toggle between 'fastest' and 'shortest' in the options it will fix it but this definitely isn't a settings issue on my part where I'm telling it to optimize the wrong thing. It's bad routes aren't optimal under ANY measurement. Things like taking the wrong exit and backtracking on a side street for 5 miles instead of taking the direct 1 mile route. I'm pretty sure it's not a map data issue because the many times I ignore the routing and proceed the RIGHT way it will quickly 'recalculate' my route to complete the trip and show that it's not making bad assumptions about through streets, construction, one-ways, or whatever. Thankfully, these have mostly been for cities I know really well (I often use nav for eta) so it is very obvious to me when it's dead wrong. I'm starting to wonder if it's somehow a glitch with my phone. I always thought the app sends queries to the server to figure out the best route and therefore you'd get the same results as if you were on bing maps on a pc or whatever. But these recent routings are like Mapquest circa 2001 bad. I really don't understand how it could be so far off, so often.

Here's one screenshot from a trip yesterday. I could have taken about 6 screenshots that look at least as dumb as this. First, it wanted me to exit way before this and take a side street for like 4 miles to get to that exit. I skipped that, then it happily re-routed me to just continue on to the exit shown here, proving that it recognizes that as a valid path. Now it's telling me I need to get back on the interstate and backtrack for no reason at all to take the long way to the destination. When I ignored that, it promptly routed me straight to the end, again showing that it knows the obvious way is a valid travel path. For this one trip yesterday, that was all on not-new roads with no construction or anything and it's routing was way wrong every single time. I understand bad map data and routing glitchiness, I can explain that.... It's as if it is defaulting to the first path it identifies as part of it's optimization algorithm before comparing alternatives.
This happening to anyone else?


New member
May 22, 2013
Try Here.com to see if feedback can be provided. And feedback can be left from the HERE Maps app menu.

By the way, going to the website on a Windows Phone launches the app.