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Where to start?


Sep 27, 2014

I'm a 17 year old first time wp app developer from the UK. I'm studying A Level Computer Science and for my project I have to build an app. My idea is a Spanish revision app where the user has to type the Spanish equivalent of the displayed English word - then they will be notified as to whether or not they are correct. Extras I would like to add are a score counter, a countdown timer and a local leaderboard.

I know some C# from my studies but that was all in the console. I plan on storing the data in a comma delimited text file.

So, where do I start? Should I use blend alongside VS2013? I have until May to complete the project but I just really want to get started!

Thanks in advance!


Dec 23, 2014
Perhaps you can start by doing the UI (that's what I always do) and then create a database where there are at least two columns for English and Spanish word. Do some logic formulation like:
1. Generate a random English word from the database
2. When an input received, verify if the Spanish equivalent word is right
3. If so, increment score counter
4. If the countdown timer reaches '0', end the game and add the score to the leaderboard.