Which should I buy? Lumia 520 or 80GB Zune?


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Jan 14, 2013
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I am very close to running out of space on my original 30GB Zune Player( which I LOVE,) and I have been going back-and-forth on whether I should get a Lumia 520 and Micro SD it to 64GB or if I should buy an old Zune player. I am not interested in Zune HD due to price and touch screen.

I will really only use this as a media player in my car and perhaps at home. Storage is not really an issue. Nor is price, as they'll both hover around the $120-$150 range. I have listed my perceived pros and cons for each device (with some reasoning) below.

Lumia 520:
+ Interface: I love the animations and presentation behind how the music works on WP8...the ability to jump directly to a letter to select song/artist is also nice vs. Zune
+ Ability to pin favorite artists to screen: visually will be very nice on the start screen and could be helpful to just jump to an artist
+ Nice backup phone: This is really intended solely as a music player, though...my 920 can handle all of my other needs and I like a separate device for music
+ Current technology and support for the foreseeable future
+ It will be a brand new device that is all mine
- Touch screen: as I said, I will mainly use this while driving, so having a touch screen is a detractor if I want to quickly change the song or pause the music
I think double tap to wake or choosing that the screen is always on could be helpful. I also know that the swipe music app is available, so that may help, as well.
- Xbox/Windows Phone Music Software
- No equalizer: Not that big of a deal, but I like to have the option, as I do tweak the settings sometimes

+ Real Buttons!: This is really helpful to quickly change or pause a song while driving or working out
+ Zune Software
+ Equalizer+ More storage: 64GB will be more than enough, but 80GB or 120GB will pretty much ensure I won't need a new player for a long, long time (32GB lasted me 6 years.)
- Used device: I'll have to buy this off eBay, so misrepresented damage is possible
- Unsupported platform: If I have technical problems, I may be out of luck and my device might be useless
- Potential hardware failure due to the age of the device

My main debate is keeping what I know and love (but dated) vs. a seemingly very good new option with unknown usability issues. What do you think?

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