Which Watch to Get? R.I.P. Band 2


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Jan 14, 2013
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Unfortunately, the day I have dreaded has arrived. My Band 2 died suddenly and I can revive it through several tries on the charger but minor bumps or tweaks to the strap knock it out and it thinks it has a dead battery.

That means the time has really come for me to get a new watch, and therefore a new phone. The watch experience is the most important factor in my decision. I ask the WC community which smart watch you have personally interacted with or used that you feel is the best.

I'm intrigued by the Apple Watch, but that means I would need to get an iPhone, which I used to have and am not thrilled with compared to my Lumia 1020. I could get an Android phone and watch, but it seems like those watches are so variable and there are almost too many choices there.

What I want in a watch:
-sleep tracking and silent alarm
-nice text message experience (I really like the "handwriting" feature on the Apple Watch)
-heart rate monitor
-screen touch-centric experience is highly preferred compared to needing to interact with using the dial on the side of the watch

I bought a Band 1 to use strictly for workouts, so I am not really in need of mega fitness tracking activities, though I would like to be able to accurately track calories burned during the day (and being a good tracker certainly wouldn't hurt.)

Ultimately, I guess I have to make a decision. I feel like the best watch (in limited research) is the Apple Watch because of its siri features and Apple Pay and speaker on the watch, but I do not like iOS and its lack of customization and a back button. An Apple Watch would also get the most support. I have an Android phone that I put some launchers on that make it look like a Windows phone and I like the customization, but I hate all the ads and the slightly fragmented experience. I've just never used an Android watch and I'm not sure how much support is available if I encounter issues with an Android watch.

I know it's a long post...I've been trying to hold onto my Lumia 1020 and Band 2 as long as I possibly could but the Band started to make the decision for me. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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