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Which wifi file sharing app is the best?

Dr Sammy

New member
Jul 9, 2014
WIFI File Sharing APP -- BEST

Which is the BEST WIFI file sharing app in WS?

I have L720 & L535 I want to share some files quickly after I have them in my mobiles, I've been using the cord, USB data cord, to do it, I wanna do it in a wireless way now

My DELL Studio 1555 came equipped with Windows 7, then I upgraded to Win8 and Win8.1, the problem is Bluetooth doesnt work and BT is slow in general.

Can I get a good app which is fast?
I just know about SHAREit. Let me know guys. Cheers :)

harihar akhil

New member
Jul 20, 2014
Can it transfer folders in the gbs?

Yes,you can and speed Depends on your router(lan) or your network speed(wan).

These apps does not show speed for uploading content and for downloading depends in which browser are you using.didn't try dukto.

Feem(cross platform) shows speed for file being sent or received.consumes a lot of battery and slower than above apps but reliable for getting from other devices where above listed apps fail to do.

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