White, unlocked, Lumia 950XL dual sim, Display Dock and remaining Microsoft Complete warranty

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Sep 20, 2011
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I have a white, unlocked, dual sim Lumia 950XL in fine condition (per the condition guide it has no screen scratches, no body scratches; I baby my phones), continuum dock (barely used) and the remainder of my Microsoft complete warranty (which appears to be transferable per http://download.microsoft.com/downl...N_Consumer_Complete_TermsandConditions_V3.pdf) for sale. Asking $600 for everything.

Update: I'm amending the condition of the phone to good and dropping the price to $500.00 because as I took the picture I noticed a slight scratch in the screen I hadn't seen before. You can't see it with the screen on, it's very light (can't feel it with my finger) and everything else about the phone looks outstanding.

As far as accessories, it'll include the original box along with everything that came in the box, for both the phone and dock. For the phone, that includes the phone, charger, battery, USB-C cable and user guide. For the dock, it includes the dock, USB-C cable, power supply and guide. I'll throw inthe KuGi TPU soft case I put on the phone as well.

Shipping from Phoenix, AZ. I'll pay for UPS ground shipping with tracking. I'll ship to the U.S. only. For payment I'll take PayPal.

Item Description: White, dual-sim Lumia 950XL, unlocked
Price: $500
Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Unlocked
Condition: Good
Includes: Phone includes: original box, phone, battery, charger, USB-C cable, user guide. Display dock includes: original box, display dock, USB-C cable, power supply and user guide.
Item Location: Phoenix, AZ
Shipping Details: Will ship UPS ground, insured.
Payment Options: PayPal verified.
Additional Info: Phone is in good shape.There is one small scratch in the screen - you can't see it with the screen on or feel it with your finger. Other than that, nothing wrong with it. Display dock has only been used a few times. I also have the MS complete, which according to this doc is transferable. Feel free to ask me questions.
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