Who are you and how do you use it in your day to day?


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Nov 6, 2008
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Just curious what uses people were putting their redfly's to. I honestly don't use mine for my 9-5 job, more for my hobbies and lifestyle issues. I'm a database manager and work heavily with spreadsheets so the ability to be ABLE to edit spreadsheets on the fly is VERY nice... i've yet to use it for actual work. Here's what I've ACTUALLY used it for

*Sermon notes on Sundays
*Reading an e-book or the Bible
*Lots of web browsing
*TONS of logmein and RDP

Overall, nothing more than what I've done with my phone BEFORE using the redfly.. but the experience while handling those tasks has DRAMATICALLY improved. Here's to the Redfly.. i use it daily!

anyone know any good RSS readers that pull FULL articles? i'd LOVE to able to catch up on news on this thing every morning or afternoon.


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Nov 10, 2008
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I've done online, real-time posting of game notes for a local minor-league hockey team, of which I'm a season ticket holder, by cell phone for the past few years. Jotting notes on a tiny touchscreen and using a thumb keyboard are both cumbersome, especially when I need my eyes to WATCH what's going on.

Enter the Redfly. Now I can touch-type notes in real time, as I watch what's going on. It's about a zillion times easier than what I was doing before.

I've also used the Redfly to email, blog, surf the web (I do need to improve on Pocket IE, though -- it's beyond slow), and take meeting minutes.

I tried to edit a text file in my doctor's waiting room and in a Starbucks shortly thereafter. Those tasks would have progressed substantially more quickly if I hadn't been interrupted repeatedly by people asking me about the Redfly. :) That was the day I started badgering Celio to send us info cards on the Redfly, so I can distribute them to interested parties. That's the best way I can think of to provide people with a coherent answer that might lead to their purchasing a Redfly of their own.


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Mar 23, 2008
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[edit] Just realised I never answered 'who am I?'. I'm an eLearning developer/consultant. I travel a fair bit, and REDFLY interests me for the 'travelling light' trips. My workhorse laptop is one of those giant 17 inch Dells, which is a great machine, but kinda heavy to lug around airports and conferences.

Interesting question. I just took my RedFly on a business trip to a conference. Finally I got to use it to the max. Here's what I used it for

Twitter - I twittered news and info from presentations.
Browsing - researching info brought to my attention by presenters, checking news sites, stocks, web mail, RSS etc.
Email - this time not web mail
Logging into my employer's web mail etc
Remote desktop to my laptop for browsing that IE Mobile and Opera couldn't quite handle.
Remote desktop to email me files I needed
General note taking using One Note and Pocket Word
I did try reading a book for a while, but find reading books on the handset more convenient, less cumbersome.

All in all I must have used the RedFly for around 6 hours solid on Monday. Towards the end of the day my phone started to complain about a low battery so I connected it to the RedFly with USB for a charge.

Today I spend 4 *hours* typing up notes, using the RedFly to do it while sitting on the couch, rather than cracking open my 17-inch laptop and sitting at a desk.

I've experienced ony 2 repeatable problems -

Bluetooth connection drops occasionally. When it does, it reconnects easily enough but the phone seems to 'forget' to change to the RedFly profile about half the time. Deliberate disconnect/reconnect seems to fix this.

It's practically impossible for me to type anything using Remote Desktop. When I type, letters seem to be randomly uppercase or lowercase. Higher non alphanumeric characters don't sho correctly - I get entirely the wrong character, as if the ACII table is somehow corrupt.

I'm using a Samsung BlackJack II.
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Sep 16, 2003
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I'm an Assistant Superintendent of Schools - I use it for taking classroom observations and meetings...it's great that I don't need to carry my laptop all day, having to worry about startup / charging / etc. I also spend a great deal of time answering emails throughout the day.

At home, I spend a great deal of time web surfing, as well as using Logmein to access my work files. It's also great for reading e-books.


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Oct 8, 2008
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I use mine for.......

web browsing
rss feeds
text documents
text messaging (when conected)
online banking
anything else my phone can do.

my redfly is not for my work at all, i just needed something to me on a day to day basis that was cheaper than getting a VGA wimo device or a net book. I don't need a fully fledged operating system i just want quick start up and no extra syncing.


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Oct 16, 2008
Small Business Owner

I am a small business owner i use my redfly every day in my business. i use the redfly the most with pocket verifer with the ability to accept credit card payments on my phone. So when I am out at rocket launches in a field out in the middle of nowhere it is alot easier to enter the customer credit card information on the redfly and have the customer verify the information it is very much easier while on the redfly then just using the phone screen. i also use the redfly often for.
Web Browsing
Using the phone
E Wallet
All the everday uses I use the phone itself for.


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Jul 29, 2007
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I own two small funeral homes as well as a monument and mobile engraving business. I also serve on village council and along with that, eight committees.
I am on the go and spend very little time at my desk. I have a tablet pc but use the redfly when I am out in the field or at lunch when I quickly need to take notes. I love using the Note tab on the Tasks program so that when I do switch over to my tablet, the exchange server has already synced Tasks to Outlook. I am always setting appointments and taking notes while on the phone and since I don't use a BT headset the redfly is perfect.
I also use it for email and looking through my rss feeds.

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