Who should post in the Ask a Question forum?

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James Falconer

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Nov 1, 2012
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The Ask a Question forum was created to give both members and guests a place to go and have their questions answered.... FAST! Our members, Ambassadors and Moderators monitor this forum to help get you the answers you need within minutes.

If you're a guest, we encourage you to use this forum. Be sure to phrase your question correctly, and describe the problem or question you have in great detail. This will help get you the timely answers you're searching for.

For members, we ask them to ALWAYS post their questions in the most appropriate forum, unless it is a time sensitive matter. So, if you had a question about th Nokia 1020 for example, go ahead and post it in the Nokia 1020 forum. Of course, if it's something you need answered right away, go ahead an post in this forum. Our Moderators will move any questions posted by members to the most appropriate forum once the question has been answered.

We hope you find the answers you're looking for by using this forum... and after you get your answer, if you're a guest we hope you'll join us here in the WP Central Forums!
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