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Why am i having typing problems on my Windows phone?

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Hello,recently i bought a new Microsoft Lumia 535 and i have a problem while typing.Many times i wont be let to type the whole word on different apps and even in messages and my phone will shut down and restart.I have all the updates installed on it.For example i want to type the word "example".I will type exam and then it wont let me finish the word by hiding the keyboard.Even if i try open up the keyboard again it wont let me again and it will shut down.Any help on my problem? : )


New member
Jan 5, 2012
Those same scenarios happen to on my 1020, except for the shutdown. I read somewhere before that it was a bug with 8.1. MSFT acknowledged the problem, but it still exists. I even installed 8.1.2 via the insiders program and it's just as buggy. It's highly annoying, but I do not think they will fix it.


New member
Nov 16, 2012
I have problems typing into html/JavaScript input boxes ( such as the ones on this forum). If I move the cursor back to correct a word, the cursor gets stuck in that shot and I can't bring it back to the end of the text. The cursor will appear to be back at the end but when I try to type again it inserts the words after the last place I moved the cursor. It's odd.