Why am I unable to add Adblock or Adblock Plus or Ublock to Chrome after updating to Windows 10 ?

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I updated to Windows 10 recently. After updating my browser kept throwing ads. So i tried adding an adblocker. However I am unable to add the respective extensions to Chrome. It is showing a 'network error' even though I am able to surf the internet without any hassles. Please advice.


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Aug 26, 2014
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I have read that Google is currently making changes to the store for Chrome about how add-ons are handled. I can't say what the changes actually are and if they would affect this since the particular article I read was rather vague on that issue. Something about disabling certain apps from loading from 3rd party links, and that many would now have to visit the store in order to obtain add-ons, etc. If you're trying to download the Ad Blocker from the publisher website, then search the store for Chrome and locate the Ad Blocker there for download.

My advice is to make sure you have updated Chrome to the latest version before proceeding.

If this doesn't work, we welcome you to register for an account here, return to this thread, and let us know so that we can attempt to assist you further.

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