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Why am I unable to see my received messages?

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i am unable to see my received messages.

able to see only my text messages but if anyone is texting then i can not see.

Laura Knotek

Mar 31, 2012
Re: i am unable to see my received messages.

We will need more information in order to help you. Please register and answer the following questions.
  1. What device are you using, and what OS version is it running?
  2. Is it branded to a particular carrier? If so, are you using it on that carrier, or is it unlocked and you are using it on another carrier?
  3. If it is branded to a different carrier than yours, which carrier do you have?
  4. Has this always happened, or were you previously able to receive MMS?
  5. Did you ever have an iPhone? If so, did you disable iMessage and tell your friends to send you SMS not iMessages?