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Why are apps locked after the update?

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why are apps locked after undate?

cannot access files through apps after update


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Nov 4, 2013
Return questions:

Which unknown device is in question?
From which firmware to which firmware?
i.e: Amber<Black - Black<Preview for Developers or Cyan - Preview for Developers<GDR1 or GDR1.1 or Cyan or v14302.xxx (from the Preview for Developers) ?
If the unknown device in question has a microSD installed and available are the apps in question on that installed SD card (feature added with Preview for Developers or Cyan) ?

If the unknown device in question is a smartphone not having the above mentioned memory card available by design.
You may need to uninstall those apps that are not co-operating then or next soft reset (reboot) the unknown device in question.
After rebooting (soft reset) reinstall the troublesome apps to the phones memory (unknown device in question) or microSD (if available on said unknown device in question)

If soft resetting the unknown device in question along with app re-installation fails to return your device to a normal operating state or any level of satisfaction other options include:
Hard reset (all devices)
Nokia recovery (Nokia/current Lumia-MM devices)