Why aren't any my Windows phone 8.1 apps working?

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None of my windows phone 8.1 apps are working

Nearly all my basic apps including Camera+Pictures, People, Storage sense, Messaging and Phone calls don't work.

Once I tap their icons, they initiate, then it abruptly returns to the start screen.

If my phone receives a call it rings, but if I miss a call and try to view my call list, it does not open.

I had made no recent changes before it started but the available memory was low. So I freed up 250mb by deleting a few games, no difference.
I could previously use the phone comfortably with only 50mb free.

A few of my installed apps like candy crush used to work, but today, immediately after turning off the sound in the game, it stopped working too.

I saw on the web that I should try updating, but my phone says it's up to date.

I tried a walkaround by installing a new keyboard, but even after it had "migrated all my data" the problem persists.

Battery pulls or restarting have been of no help either.

I'm using a Lumia 620 on windowsphone 8.1, Updated since March, 2015. (I bought it with WP 7.8 OS)

Really dunno what to do next.
Anyone have any ideas?

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