Why can't I change my lock screen on my PC after updating to Windows 10?

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Okai, so basically, the first week of having Windows 10 was fine for the most part. But soon enough my Calendar and OneNote apps were now crashing and not working, my Mail app was crashing constantly as well. I could change my lock screen for about a week, and then all of a sudden when I go to change it in settings, I press on the picture option in the lock screen personalization setting and it refuses to show, as if it does not register that I am clicking on it. So I was stuck with having to keep my lock screen on the Windows Spotlight setting for about 2 weeks, and then just a week ago now it has decided to make my screen just black, and I can't even get the Windows Spotlight setting to work anymore. So I have no idea what to do. And it's really irritating, I dealt with the Windows Spotlight because it was my only choice and I didn't mind it after awhile, I figured it will be fixed soon. But it's only gotten worse and I can't deal with just a black lock screen. It's very annoying and disappointing. Somebody please help?????? Just so you know, I got the Windows update on the free reservation on the app, so I did not do the "clean installation", only because I JUST got my laptop about 4 months ago, and I bought Microsoft Office and when I was about to do the clean installation, it said I would lose the Microsoft Office I paid for and I would have to download it again from the website or something, but I don't have the information of the card for Microsoft Office anymore, and I refuse to pay another $130 for it just to do a clean installation. I figured Windows will give updates and fix the problem soon enough and I'd have to be patient but this is really really irritating me now. They fixed my bugs and crashes on my apps but not my lock screen issues. Somebody please help me fix this????

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