Why can't I install OneDrive on Windows 10?

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Can't Install Onedrive on Windows 10

I did an upgrade on a brand new Windows 8.1 laptop and installed Onedrive, no problem.

On an older laptop I did an upgrade from Windows 7. Onedrive remained in place OK but due to many other problems I did a Windows "reset" choosing not to keep anything. This has worked well EXCEPT I am now unable to install Onedrive at all. When the laptop first loaded the new Windows 10 after the reset it asked me to sync Onedrive, but I have thousands of photos on it which take an age to download so I didn't want to do it at that time so rejected "the offer". Now I am unable to run the Onedrive app at all. When I get to the point where I should be presented with the list of files to sync it simply crashes every time, with the message "Onedrive has stopped working" so I don't even get an icon in the system tray. I am able to access my Onedrive folder in the cloud OK so can download my photos but I want the app up and running so it syncs whenever I add a photo to either laptop.

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