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Why can't I install TP10 Build 10240 on a Samsung Laptop RV-511?

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I can not install Tp10 Build 10240 on a Samsung Laptop RV-511

Can anybody help me to install Tp on my Samsung RV-511?

It is a Intel i3 M380 with 4GB Ram.

I found many Threats about it but all of these are not helpful.

In UEFI Mode USB-Stick or DVD won't boot, and install out of the System goes to Restart and the Screens turns Black.

In Legacy Mode the Devices boot, but it goes to the blue Windows-Logo and stuck for Hours.


New member
Jan 9, 2014
Okay have you tried Windows +R and "msconfig" in safe mode? Also make sure you are in "normal startup" mode under configuration. Make sure your drivers are up to date too.