Why cant I log into Microsoft, or go into settings, photos, apps, ect.


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Dec 11, 2015
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For a few days i couldn't go into my store or really anything for that matter every time i pressed an app or setting it would load me back to the previous screen i was just at. So i would try to go into store from the home screen it would load the home screen back up. This happens to photos, searching, specific settings like email and accounts. I didn't think it was bad because I could go into Kik, messenger, text, and 6tag. It did this for 2 days until I woke up this morning and no service and i couldn't go into the same apps as i said, so i thought resetting the phone would work. I reset it completely factory settings and still no service so I did all the set up and tried to put in the microsoft account and it skipped it so I tried to do it from settings and i click on add microsoft but it loads back up the previous so now I cant get my settings back like passwords, contacts, account info. I can text for some reason I have my plan still but i cant update any apps or go into store to get apps back soo i am really confused on what has happened to my phone. I got service back but I get old contacts and get apps back I kinda need to get into store and get one app back for my business. Please help

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