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Why Can't I Transfer Files on External Devices?

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Cannot Transfer Files on External Devices

I am having an extremely serious and irritating problem - please help if you can. I am having trouble moving data to external sources via USB. It always happens partwaY through a transfer. It gives me messages like the transfer could not be completed, that the device is no longer found, or the files aren't available. Most times when I restart it the transfer gets a bit further than it did the time before, but never by much and when moving large amounts of files it makes transferring my media and data impossible. Sometimes, after the computer is unsuccessful with the transfer the device is no longer recognized by the computer at all. It will call it an unknown device with ? next to it in the device manager. I try to install the drivers automatically but it just tells me I am using the newest drivers but will not register what the device is or allow me to view or transfer files on the device. Usually there is no problem transferring data from a usb connected drive to a different place on the same drive. It happens on both of my systems: An acer aspire one running windows 7, and a compaq presario running windows 10. It happens with all the usb ports (3 on each system). It happens even when I use several other cables to try to connect the device. I seem to be able to copy files from the drives to the computer, but when writing to the drives it gets stuck. It happens with 2 external hard drives, 2 phones, 4 usb drives, a tablet, and sd cards. What is going on here? Please, if anyone has any ideas - I'm stumped. I don't think I could have that many bad cables and usb ports. If there is something wrong with write protection, wouldn't it just not transfer anything at all? I have checked for viruses. I can still play songs and look at pictures from the drives so I know the files aren't completely corrupted. I'm the one everyone in my family comes to when they need their electronics fixed and here I am - unable to solve my own problem (and a big one it is). It might be a driver problem, but if that is true then why do the drivers get uninstalled? Why does it not recognize the device? The weirdest thing is that it happens on both systems.
It tells me the device can't be found, it uninstalls the drivers, tells me that my files will lose properties when I transfer them. It is extremely slow at loading and opening folders also. Explorer often times out and crashes. I don't know what to do! I need to get media onto my kids new laptop and tablet before christmas!!!

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