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Why can't I upgrade to build 10130 from 10074 ?

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I'm stuck in Windows 10 build 10074. I've downloaded this build via Windows Update, not the ISO. I am in Slow Ring. When I try to upgrade to build 10130 via Windows Update, the installation stops at 76% and then it goes back to build 10074. When I try to upgrade via ISO, without booting it, the installation stops at 22% and tells me that it couldn't upgrade to Windows 10. When I try to boot the ISO on my USB (8GB), well... I can't change the order of BIOS. Actually, it don't recgonizes my USB key when I start the computer. It detects it when my computer is completely on. Can you help me please ? Oh, sorry if my English isn't understandable, I'm french.
Thanks !

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