Why can't my phone connect to service?

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My phone can't connect to service.

(nokia lumia 920 running 8.1 and my carrier is Cricket wireless [basically AT&T, since it is owned by AT&T])
Ok so My phone currently cannot access the internet whether or not I'm connected to wifi, im in my house which i usually can always access data from. I can make phone calls I just can't use any apps or send receive text messages.
This error occurred suddenly when I was using my phone it froze so I underwent a soft reset (holding power button and volume button) and when it turned on the date/time was messed up and the errors occurred. My phone thinks it is currently may 21st even though its September 16th. I understand a hard reset may fix the problem however, I really don't want to lose everything that isn't backed up (certain apps pictures that aren't on onedrive music, etc.

So if i could get an answer that solves a soft-ware problem that would be great I'm trying to avoid a hard reset if possible.


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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: My phone can't connect to service.

So the date/time thing has been getting quite common... Soft Reset seems to have a glitch where it sometimes reverts the date to the last OTA you received...

Did you correct the date/time? Still no internet?

Double check your APN and MMS settings, they too may have gotten borked by the Soft Reset. Also delete the WiFi connection and reestablish that.

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