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Why did my cursor move on it's own?

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I was watching a YouTube video suddenly the video was not full screen and something popped up and the cursor moved to it closed it and then made my YouTube video full screen. This is the second time this has happened I don't know who would do it.

Zachary Boddy

Trusted Member
Aug 3, 2014
Is it a touch screen device? I've occasionally had issues when in desktop mode with the cursor "clicking" on the last place I touched the screen. It's only in desktop mode, however.

It could also just be a bug with Edge or whatever browser you're using. I remember in the days of Threshold 1/2 I had a few bugs regarding running videos in full screen mode. Flickering, etcetera.


Trusted Member
Nov 13, 2013
Is this PC or mobile? If PC, run a spyware scan using Malwarebytes and see what it finds and remove it.