Why do I need to install Windows Phone drivers with each connection to PC?


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Nov 16, 2014
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I've updated my Windows OP on my computer (Windows 7), and have the most recent version on Windows OS (8.1 Cyan) on my Nokia Lumia 520. I plug the phone in, it shows on my devices; however, always appears with the exclamation so have to Fix the drivers.

I've uninstalled the phone, cleaned all traces of old files, shut down and rebooted computer. Plugged in phone, and everything went smoothly. Phone installed as it should. I eject the phone after each use and prior to shutting down computer. The next time I connect phone to my pc, I have to Fix the drivers again. I even manually installed the lastest WinUSB drivers on my computer; however, that hasn't corrected the problem. Unless I Fix the drivers, the phone doesn't appear as a removable drive and I can't access the files on the phone. I do have Windows Phone app for desktop installed; which I really don't need since I can just copy, delete, etc. from the Windows Explorer. I see this is an ongoing issue; however, I've not found a permanent fix when searching this problem.


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Jan 12, 2013
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I've encountered the same problem with the same OS (Windows 7) with the same phone platform (Windows Phone). I also tried installing the driver and found that did not work. What worked was for me to uninstall the driver first, restart the computer and then connect my phone to my computer (once your back to your desktop). This will install a "fresh" driver for your Windows Phone... and hopefully fix the issue.

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