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Why does 4g not work on my Nokia Lumia please?

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Why does 4g not work on my Nokia lumia please

why is my Nokia lumia 730 not pricking up Internet when I am out - why is 4g not working please. Wifi works ok

Mad Cabbie

Retired Ambassador
Jun 9, 2015
Silly question, do you have 4g sim card? Has it been activated?

I only mention this as I had 3 sim cards from O2 that weren't 4g, despite the fact I had a 4g contract!!

Edit. My bad, 735 is 4G not 730 D'oh!!
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Oct 13, 2013
Re: Why does 4g not work on my Nokia lumia please

Lol the reason why you aren't getting a 4g signal is because you aren't even using a 4g phone. The Lumia 730 is 3G. The Lumia 735 is 4G