Why does Facebook only create official app for windows 10 mobile with 2 GB RAM?

rudy rudy

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Dec 10, 2014
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I had my lumia 735 and 640 xl upgraded to win 10 mobile with latest firmware. I installed official facebook app. But the apps was really terrible, slow, crashes a lot and make my phone restart. Many people complaint about this at rate and review column.

Now i see in the store, i found there is updated information on the FB APP. It says, FB app require 2 GB RAM! HOW COME? in wp 8.1 we use FB very fluent and smooth event with 500MB RAM. FACEBOOK is common socmed apps, how come facebook on windows 10 mobile only created for 2GB RAM. This is a huge disadvantages for windows 10 user. Better for me not to upgrade. When will facebook improve on this app?

abhishek singh21

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Apr 27, 2014
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this was solely done to improve the performance as they found out that the RAM was causing multiple issues with the app. We can expect Facebook to release a facebook-lite app for windows phone too as it has done on android to counter this issue. Mind you this is just an update on minimum requirement of 2gb ram and it doesn't mean users with 1gb ram cannot download the app, 'they can' but cannot review it in store.
It wont be right to blame Microsoft or Nokia because they didn't set the benchmarks for the apps and at the time those device s were launched windows phone and its apps were the most optimized and best resource managing apps available.

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