Why does Groove on my X3 no longer sync music from OneDrive?


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Nov 13, 2013
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I had Groove and OneDrive working fine up until a few days ago. Groove suddenly stopped syncing on my phone so new music that I could see in OneDrive on the web and on Groove on my PC was not being synced on my phone.

I tried signing in to and out of Groove on my X3 (no change) and even OneDrive. I factory reset the X3 and still no change. I removed and re-added the Music folder on OneDrive tons of times, same thing, the PC sees it, the phone does not.

What's interesting is that on my phone OneDrive sync isn't accurate either. For example, I remove all my Music from OneDrive (nearly 200GB) and just put one song. Groove on PC saw the song and I could play it. So I added some more.

On my X3 though OneDrive didn't see the extra songs added and just saw the original one song. I could open that from OneDrive on the X3 and lo and behold, Groove played that one song - so why could it not see the rest?

Does Groove and OneDrive sync work only if all sync tasks are complete? That is to say that that once my entire music collection is back in OneDrive (which'll take weeks) only then is Groove on my X3 'told' to look inside the Music folder and get the songs? It can't proactively get ones that are synced already and then add the rest as they are uploaded?

Right now my X3 Groove just sits there and doesn't even try to sync. Can I force it in some way to do it?

Thanks for any help. Kind of annoyed with this considering it has been working fine for months. Does it still work for others?

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