Why does my Lumia 950 XL restarts every 30 seconds on glance screen?

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I bought my Lumia 950 XL three months ago from Amazon UK. It worked flawlessly and I loved it until three weeks ago when I dropped it and the screen got cracked from the top and bottom. I booked a repair on Microsoft device support website and sent it off. They charged me ?160 for a "Standard exchange".

When I got the phone back I noticed that the IMEI number was different and looked to be lower than my phone which got broke so I assumed it may be older production wise.

As soon as I set it up it started restarting every 30 seconds or so when on the glance screen and ONLY when not connected to the charger. So I reset it, hard reset it, tried to restore from backup and also tried fresh installation but to no avail. I also updated to the latest version and that also did not help.

So I tried to re-book for repair on the same Microsoft site which now showed the current IMEI number for my registered phone and shows the status "Out of warranty". My phone was only three months old and they sent me a phone which is now showing as out of warranty. I even started a chat with someone on their website who wasn't able to help except giving me Microsoft's number which does not let me contact anyone and says for Microsoft Mobile Device support go on their website and that's it.

I am really annoyed with Microsoft as I have been using Windows mobile since early days almost 10-12 years ago when HTC used to make them but this is the first time I have needed support.

Can anyone please help me to figure out what is causing my phone to restart when it is on glance screen and only when it is not connected to a charger? I have tried disabling the glance screen but problem persists. I am thinking it could be the bad battery they have sent me but then again if it was the battery then why doesn't it restart when in use?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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