Why does my Nokia Camera app only record 2 seconds of a 25 minute video clip?

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Nokia Camera app only records 2 seconds of 25 minute video clip

My phone is Lumia 1520 and im using Nokia Camera app for taking pictures and videos. I took some videos for my kids in a Quiz Bee event. The first video is almost 25 minutes, this is the head to head battle of my daughter. Since the event of my daughter was held in the morning I went home right after the event to save the video file I took during the quiz bee. I was able to cut and paste the clip together with some pictures to my PC sucessfully without having any problem or interruption during the transfer. But I noticed it didn't take too long to transfer a 25 minute clip. I did the cut and paste thing to make sure that I won't encounter any shortage of file space since I will be taking videos for my son in the afternoon. my son is also a quiz bee finalist if you may ask.

I took a 27minute video on son's quiz bee battle. after the event I saved all the pictures and video to my PC the same process I did on the first (cut and paste). When I did the trasnfer on the second file I noticed that the process is way much slower than the first file (a minute or two) and I think it's normal because its a 27min clip compared on the first file that only took a few seconds. When I checked all the video the first thing I noticed was the first video file doesn't have any thumbnail compared to the second video. I tried to open it using Windows Media Player and I'm keep getting this error "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file." so I decided to play it using VLC player. I was able to play the file but the 25 minute clip only plays 2 seconds. The second file plays fine and its a 27 minute clip. I'm wondering why the first video only plays 2 seconds out of 25 minutes but the second video can be viewed in full 27 minutes without any problem. I just did the same process on both video. I took some videos again and every clip was more than 15 seconds each. I checked it on my CP under Camera Roll to see if the videos are playing fine but they are not visible. so I opened the file in my PC. I was able to see it but all the clips are playing 2 seconds only. those new 5 videos has the same file size of 499mb. When I checked the first 25minute file I took on my daughter's head to head quiz bee battle the file was 499mb (2 seconds) as well. What I don't understand is why the problem incurred on the 1st video (my daughter's quiz bee) and on the 3rd video (test videos) and not on the 2nd video (my son's quiz bee battle).

Is there any file recovery app for our windows phone? like RECUVA, Stellar Phoenix etc..

Phone: Lumia 1520
Windows: 8.0
OS version: 8.0.10532.166
App: Nokia Camera

I hope someone can help me coz the video file that i'm trying to recover is very important to us. we've been looking for help for 3 days now, but, we can't get any straight answer. Thanks in advance!

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