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Why does Photo app change colour of my images?

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Hi, problem here that has only recently started. I'm using a Dell XPS 9550 with 4K infinity screen. About a week ago I noticed that images weren't printing as seen on screen - straight out of Lightroom. Decided it was a set up issue there so tried printing direct from the Win10 photo app, same results.

Now, when I open images in the photo app, they immediately change colour/saturation. The thumbnails looks correct but I can see it flicker to a dull, washed out image just as it opens up. Images display correctly in other apps (PhotoShop, Lightroom etc.).

I have a link available to show the problem but cannot paste it in here (marked as spam)

Please help! Been through all possible calibration issues etc.

Chintan Gohel

May 23, 2014
could it be the settings you're using in the printer? Or even the printer itself? From experience inkjet printers usually print dull images and not bright ones

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