Why doesn't my Microsoft Band always charge when I attach the charger to it?

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Microsoft Band - Intermittent Charging

My band doesn't always charge when I attach the charger to it. I've tried multiple USB adapters of different power outputs (12W, 9W, and 5W), my powered USB connector on my laptop, and multiple electrical outlets. It seems like there is no rhyme or reason when it will charge, or when it won't.

When I attach the charger, most of the time nothing happens. The band doesn't vibrate, watch mode doesn't indicate that it's charging, and the battery level doesn't move. I generally have to remove and reattach the charger for about 5 min before it finally starts working. Cleaning the contacts doesn't do anything.

Anybody else having this issue? I'm wondering if my band has an issue or it's the charging dongle.

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