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Why has Microsoft not made up for the lack of Lumia Accessories?


New member
May 30, 2014
I apologize if this has already been covered but I just wanted to ask if anyone had a clue as to why the accessories for the Microsoft branded hardware has lacked so badly. One thing I give Samsung a lot of credit for is the fact that the make good, useable cases for their phones even though third party makers make them as well. For the Microsoft phones there are very few third party accessories (I am mainly talking phone cases and covers) and it is very frustrating to have a shiny, new, phone and no decent case for it. I have had my Green L1520 for over 6 months, I had the red one previously, and there are no decent cases. There was at least the Nokia flip cover but those were only in red, black, and white.

I really think this is an area where Microsoft could add some useful products and something that would make us WP users happy.

Ed Boland

Retired Ambassador
Nov 17, 2012
Back when I had my 1020s (I had two of them), I was saddened to find out Otterbox didn't make cases for it. They only had one model for the 920... Now that I'm on a 1520, (I found plenty of "inexpensive alternatives" on eBay) I checked Otterbox again, and now they have cases for the 1020 and the Icon.. But no 1520. I need the Otterbox Defender style cases for my phones.. I'm pretty rough on them. I've dropped and shattered the screen on a 920, and BOTH of my 1020s!

Anyway, I don't really think you can blame Microsoft for what the aftermarket does... And btw, there's a nice selection of accessories for your Windows Phone right here in the Windows Central Store..