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Why haven't I got the new Windows Build on my Lumia 830?

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problem with insider programe lumia 830

hello, i have a problem i am in the insider fast ring in my lumia 830 and everyone got the new great built the 14291 yesterday but when i search for actualizations my phone tells me that there is no new upgrade. i re installed the windows insider app but it keeps saying that there is no upgrade. i am actually living in France, and i have my phone region in Spanish from spain. someone has any solution?


New member
Nov 29, 2014
Re: problem with insider programe lumia 830

The new builds from the Redstone (RS1) branch are only available to devices that have been officially upgraded to Windows 10. You can check for an official upgrade using the Upgrade Advisor tool which is in the Store.

Once you have received an official Windows 10 upgrade you can opt back into the Insider program and download builds from the RS1 branch. Microsoft did say that it would take a few days before the roll-out the new Insider build to upgraded devices.

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