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Why i am unable to connect to my wifi network?

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I was working on my lumia 630 in my home wifi and turned on the internet sharing option. After that i turned it of. But from that time i am unable to connect to my home wifi any more. i tried to connect to other wifi too but couldn't connect. It only says that YOUR PHONE CANNOT CONNECT TO WIFI C-13/F. I don't know what to do


New member
Jan 12, 2013
Have you tried restarting your phone or performing a soft reset on it?

Restart = power off and then power on
Soft reset = press and hold volume down button and power button until your phone reboots

Most minor problems can be resolved by these two procedures. If any of these two doesn't resolve your issue, you may want to create a Windows Central account in order to respond to this thread.


New member
Jul 4, 2014
I get the same issue with my 930 at home but restarting it fixes the connection.