Why I can't open any administrator applications on Win 10?

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I don't know when this began to happen, but I can't open any administrator applications, like task manager, windows 10 settings, command prompt (admin), and things like this, btw. I can open command prompt but in safe mode. I can't even right click icons in taskbar, or search windows, or access start menu.I click it but it doesn't work. I can't change language, time, date and so much stuff. I am using computer with windows 10 OS, I already tried to do system restore but I can't enter it because it is also administrator application, and yeah, I got errors but different. For example, when I try to open regedit it says File system error (-1073741792), and when I try to open other administration rights application it shows that error. But if I for example open command prompt admin it says: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action." Also tried sfc /scannow in safe mode, and it says that it FOUND corrupted files, but it can't fix it,

thank you all.

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