Why I hate Zune as a Service


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Jun 27, 2011
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Don't get me wrong - I love Zune as a software. But I hate Zune as a service.
Let me explain. I have a live id and I use a computer in English with localized settings being US-English as I find it the most practical for my usage. I cannot use Zune unless I set my computer in my region and language - which happens to be the most odd country in the world : BELGIUM. So setting my computer to Belgium - French (as french is my preffered language in Belgium) I get the market place on my phone and Zune in ....french(hate it) - worse ..I get my hotmail in... DUTCH -- (DOOOOOOOH !!!) and the only way to get a consistent experience is to set to English - US,IE, UK ..etc BUT then I cannot purchase things on the market since my address is not in any of those countries.. back to french market place - dutch hotmail.
My simple end user request - can I get the software in the language that I want regardless of my country ???? is that so complex from a commercial perspective ???
I truely don't get it.

PS: Besides this rantting - I LOVE ZUNE AS A SOFTWARE for its stability, ui ...

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