why is my app list and most of my settings missing?


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Dec 29, 2016
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I really don't know whats going on here. My mother was downloading apps on my phone and i realized the three apps she had downloaded were the only ones showing up on the start screen. I tried to swipe over to app list but it wouldn't work. Then I tried the arrow at the bottom to get to the apps list , but that was gone. i was able to get to the settings from pulling down the notifications tab but many of the settings were gone and the applications tab showed nothing at all. Most things such as cortana,bluetooth, software updates,etc. were just gone. Also the home button has become less responsive I've had to press a couple time for it to work. none of the built in apps were show either,not the music,app store,photos or anything of the kind. Using the camera shortcut button on the side i was able to get to the photos and when i click the share button on the photos it shows some of my previously downloaded apps, so they don't seem to be gone, just hidden.All of this has happened within less than an hour shortly after downloading these 3 certain apps ( the only ones that are still on start screen, which i also cant uninstall since everything is grayed out for those apps in the store). My phone died and stayed this way once it turned back on. If anybody has any ideas please help.


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Dec 23, 2013
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Hi, I would try a soft reset to start with (hold volume down and the power button until phone vibrates/restarts).
Failing that your next step is probably a hard reset, however this will wipe your phone so check you have a recent backup before doing this.

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